5 of The Best Sleep Teas for Insomnia

5 of The Best Sleep Teas for Insomnia

Sleep is something that you have to hold dear. A person that can sleep regularly has better health compared to those that are lacking it. Of course, we are wired to sleep-one way or another. However, some people just suffer from conditions like insomnia that makes their sleeping a struggle. One out of three people has insomnia. That’s an alarming number. There is still much research that has to be done for insomnia to be fully understood. However there are some preventive approaches that you help.

Tea for insomnia is one of the effective methods to get a smooth and undisturbed rest. After all, herbal teas are typically used for relaxation and meditation. These natural teas have active ingredients for sleep improvement.

Here we feature some of the most effective teas that can vanquish your insomnia. With them around, you can catch your sleep in a breeze.

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1. Valerian Root

For centuries, Valerian has been used around the world to treat various conditions, including insomnia. It can also serve as a remedy against anxiety and nervousness. One of the most notable uses of Valerian root is during the skirmishes of World War II, where it was utilized to alleviate the anxiety of soldiers and war-torn people.

These days, Valerian root is widely used as a sleeping aid. Typically, it is commercially sold as a dried herb. You can drink Valerian root tea when your feeling uneasy. However, of course, I do not limit its use to only that. If I have trouble sleeping, this tea is my favorite aid.

2. Lemon Balm

One of the most common sleeping teas today is a lemon balm. I often see it in various markets, which make it a ubiquitous choice. Many of us are familiar with lemon balm because it is used in the field of aromatherapy. Interestingly, the leaves of lemon balm can be dried so that it can become a tea.

Lemon balm has this certain citrus aroma. It has soothing effects that can render your body relaxed. It can also calm your brain while reducing the stress level of your body. Notably, it has natural sedatives, as suggested by various studies.

In a particular study, it was discovered that various symptoms of insomnia disappear if a person takes extracts of lemon balm on a regular basis. I do recommend that you try lemon balm an hour before you sleep if you have chronic sleeping problems.

3. Chamomile

Chamomile tea has a myriad of medical applications. In my research, people use this to treat a variety of conditions such as insomnia and anxiety. It also has antibacterial effects and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Many regard chamomile tea as a natural sedative. It can improve the quality of your sleep by ensuring that you can reach the dreamland without any disturbances or resistance.

Chamomile contains an active ingredient called apigenin. The is a form of antioxidant, which can induce a sense of calm in your body. Once apigenin reaches your brain, it will bind itself to some receptors and causes a person to feel more relaxed. The quality of your sleep drastically improves once your body receives a sufficient supply of chamomile.

4. Lavender

As an herb, lavender possesses a lovely scent. The aroma of lavender is capable of sending your body to a relaxed state. It is no wonder why many cultures use lavender as an effective remedy for treating anxiety, nervousness, and headaches. Of course, lavender is also a solid candidate for the best sleep tea for insomnia.

Drinking lavender tea is a reasonable means to sedate your nerves and mind. It can aid in the improvement of your sleep as it can also lessen the fatigue that you feel. For all you hard workers out there, drinking lavender can relieve stress.

Taking lavender tea regularly can diminish the effects of insomnia. It can regularize your heart rate, which in turn, helps you sleep more comfortably. If you think that you aren’t getting enough quality sleep down due to anxiety, lavender can also provide relief.

5. Banana Tea

Surprisingly tea made from the peels of a banana can induce sedating effects to relieve your insomnia. Although this tea is not really as conventional as other teas that I have listed here, it is still a useful aid for people who just want to sleep better.

Magnesium and potassium are among the elements that you can find in the peels of the banana. Both of these minerals help regain balance in the body and are responsible for so many bodily functions including helping relax tense muscles. Without this tension, you can sleep quicker and longer.

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Wrapping it Up

Insomnia can cause effects in your body that in the long run can lead to chronic diseases and effect the way you function every day leaving you susceptible to anxiety, irritability, and depression.

By having the best insomnia sleep teas, you can improve your sleep over time. So grab your favorite sleep tea and let us know how it helps you.

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