Sustainable and Ethical Feminine Hygiene

Sustainable and Ethical Feminine Hygiene

Many of us consciously purchase products which we believe will make a difference and help protect the environment, we scrutinize labels for harmful ingredients and environmental pollutants and we are more careful about what we put into our mouths and onto our skin. But how many of us consider that most sensitive of places and the feminine hygiene products we use each month? We know that you don’t expect to have to deal with Crude oil plastics, chlorine bleach, toxic dioxin residual and plastic synthetics and with Natracare products you don’t have to.

For 21 years, natracare, the World’s most sustainable and ethical brand of tampons pads and liners has provided women with a quality choice of organic and natural feminine hygiene. No Greenwashing, no confusing messages, just truthful claims based on fact, not spin. Owned, developed and designed by a woman, natracare is passionate about truth in labeling and they are ethically evaluated.

Natracare have a complete range of twenty four high quality products that perform, including certified organic 100% cotton tampons with and without applicators, Ultra slim and Maxi pads in various absorbencies, four styles of organic cotton panty liners; light incontinence pads; New Mother nursing and maternity pads and organic cotton Intimate wipes and Baby wipes which are of course free from SLS, propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol and parabens.

Natracare produced in 1989 the first 100% cotton tampons available to women since the 1940’s and in 1994 were the subject of independent scientific research which subsequently concluded that in order to avoid the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, 100% cotton tampons were a safer option than rayon and rayon/cotton blends. 15 years ago when organic was not fashionable, natracare made their tampons exclusively with certified organic cotton.

Natracare’s impact was to make the feminine hygiene business a more ethical, healthy, environmentally friendly place. They started a small revolution that has since developed into a big change in the industry, with copycat products starting to appear after precedence was set by natracare’s global market positioning. Natracare still maintains absolute integrity in their products, gaining both ecological and ethical awards for the brand, and the company, unmatched by any other feminine hygiene manufacturer or brand.

Natracare is the world’s leading organic and natural, ethical and Planet-friendly feminine hygiene brand, making it possible for you to make a healthier choice from their range of certified organic and natural cotton tampons, pads, liners and wipes. Of course they use sustainable and renewable materials that you can compost at the end of use leaving a very soft footprint on Mother Earth, just as it should be.

Their products are suitable for vegans and never tested on animals. To learn more please visit their website

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