My Yoga Online

My Yoga Online

At Naturally Savvy, we are huge yoga fans. Hot, Ashtanga, Power, Vinyasa or whatever kind of yoga you’re into, we are all for it. Nothing balances our body or calms our mind quite as well as yoga. Not to mention how awesome it feels. So when we had a chance to try out online yoga we were curious to see how it would compare to our regular studio classes.

Yoga, or any exercise for that matter, at home can sometimes get boring and repetitive. Participating in a class makes for a more integrated experience and provides a little bit more motivation to push you harder. Yet with hectic agendas it can be difficult to reach your fitness goals. Getting to classes isn’t always an option. Life gets in the way.

Enter ‘My Yoga Online’. My Yoga Online, an onine yoga studio, allows you to participate at your own pace and it’s all at your fingertips. My Yoga Online is all about convenience, which makes sense if your life is a bit frenzied.

My Yoga Online is an online portal for yoga videos, community forums, music and general healthy living. With a monthly or yearly membership, you are able to pick from different workshops that focus on boosting energy, eating healthy, combating stress or beginner yoga. With thousands of online classes, videos and demonstrations you’ll be sure to find something new, interesting and that will suit your yoga needs.

One of our Savvy Samplers, Avery, signed up for Energy Boosting class. What she felt was nice about My Yoga Online is it let her choose how often she wanted to practice her yoga. Once a week? Every Tuesday and Friday night? It’s all up to you. She chose the Energy Booster class and signed for a seven week course. So every Monday afternoon for the duration of the seven week period there was an email alert reminding her about the class, along with healthy lifestyle tips. By clicking on the links in the email reminder, you could view different sections of the My Yoga Online website including videos, tips, and advice from experts. There is even an online question and answer box that reaches a yoga expert ready to answer any problem you might have.

The videos are high quality and beautifully shot with varying backgrounds. If you like one specific teacher you can use only their videos or try out different instructors. With calm voices and peaceful music in the background, it can be hard to distinguish between your living room floor and a yoga studio.

My Yoga Online offers many different tools to track your yoga progress. An online wellness diary and forums that can provide you with knowledge and the motivation to continue on your health kick. My Yoga Online is perfect for beginners who want to try yoga on their own terms. It’s fun and simple to use. If you’re a yoga pro, it’s handy for new ideas, tips and fresh information.

We’re sure you’ll find My Yoga Online a perfect fit for whatever your life and exercise routine is. Clearly, My Yoga Online deserves the Naturally Savvy Seal of Approval.

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