Green Carpets: Nature’s Carpet – 100% Wool

Green Carpets: Nature's Carpet - 100% Wool

When choosing a new carpet for your home you should probably keep a few things in mind, for instance: durability, stain-resistance, color, price, toxins, renewable resources and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). If you’re like us and pride yourself on keeping a green and toxin-free home, then we recommend opting for a natural wool carpet instead of a synthetic one.

Many conventional carpets, paints, and mattresses contain VOCs. VOCs are carbon compounds with a high vapor pressure and low water solubility, and are usually man-made. VOCs contribute to smog, and to Sick Building Syndrome. Think of it as indoor air pollution. VOCs can cause headaches, nausea and many different health problems. At high concentrations, some VOCs can cause persistent and acute health effects; others are known carcinogens. Not what you would expect to find in your ‘home sweet home’.

I recently moved to a new house and decided to put in carpets instead of flooring for our upstairs bedrooms and basement. After much research, I came across an eco-friendly, VOC-free, carpet company called Nature’s Carpet.

Nature’s Carpet’s products are simple yet stylish, and made from 100% wool. They use wool for many reasons:

  1. Sustainability. Sheep’s wool is considered a renewable resource as it contstantly grows back. Carpets made from synthetic fibers contain petroleum byproducts, and petroleum is a non-renewable resource. Wool, on the other hand, renews itself quite rapidly! You can sheer a sheep for their whole life without ever harming them in the process.
  2. Fire Resistance. Wool is naturally fire retardant. It’s why many parents choose wool blend sheets, carpets and curtains for their children’s room.
  3. Durability. Spill water on it or track mud through it, Nature’s Carpets are easy to clean and are naturally stain resistant. Wool also keeps its shape and color. It didn’t take us long to dirty our Nature’s Carpets (my dog Oscar had an accident on the stairs), but with a natural enzyme based carpet cleaner, I sprayed the stain, soaked up the excess liquid with a dry rag and allowed it to air dry. The next day when I checked on it, and it had dried nicely without leaving any marks.
  4. Choice. Nature’s Carpet has three lines to choose from, which they refer to as their “green spectrum”. Their products range from light green (low toxicity and 100% wool, but it does have some synthetic materials), to dark green (this carpet is undyed, has no chemicals, and has ultra low toxicity). I chose the dark green option for my house because I felt that was the best option for our family. However, it is not a cheap option. If you are budget conscious, then consider their light green line for a classy style, but a little less money.

Nature’s Carpets are made from sustainable sources, are biodegradable, chemical free and can literally make you breathe a little easier when you are inside your home.  And with that, Nature’s Carpet receives the Naturally Savvy Seal of Approval.

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