Andrea Donsky

Andrea Donsky

Andrea Donsky, B. COMM, is an Author, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.), Editor-in-Chief of, Co-Founder of The Healthy Shopper Inc. and Naturally Savvy Media.

As a pioneer and visionary in the health food industry, Andrea Donsky’s passion is to inspire people to make enlightened choices for healthy living. Andrea has combined her background and expertise as both a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and an entrepreneur to educate the public on living an organic and non-GMO lifestyle through the creation of her businesses, books, articles, videos, speeches, and media appearances.

Andrea founded Naturally Savvy Media Inc. in 2007, a website ( with unique content dedicated to healthy living from a holistic approach. The site is packed with helpful news, tips, recipes and videos. To make it easier for consumers to make the right choices for their families, the site also vets healthy options. For example, most people might make a decision based on the nutrition facts like calories or fat when it is more important to focus on the ingredients.

Appreciating how difficult it is for people to make changes to their diet and food choices, Andrea has also created a popular feature on the website called Naturally Savvy’s Get Healthy Challenges. It’s a free program that encourages subscribers to choose from 10 easy and fun challenges – among them “Omega 3,” “Gluten Free,” “Non-GMO,” as well as the “Scary 7” — which provides a step-by-step plan to eliminate the seven “scariest” food additives like artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and certain preservatives.

Andrea also created The Healthy Shopper Inc., a business she started in 1999, which developed the first coupon book for natural and organic products. Andrea had anticipated a growing market in these products but realized that most people found them too expensive. The Healthy Shopper filled that gap providing savings for a wide array of respected brands from foods, vitamins to personal care. The coupon book is distributed to 10,000 consumers across Canada through health food stores.

Andrea graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1992, and spent several years honing her marketing and promotional skills as a product manager at J. M. Smucker Company. Andrea was interested in the connection between nutrition and optimum health leading her to enroll in The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. In 2005, she became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Among her numerous publications, Andrea co-authored Unjunk your Junk Food published by Simon and Schuster, a book that journalist, author and mother Maria Shriver endorsed: “Unjunk Your Junk Food has certainly made me more aware about the food that my children eat and the effects it has on our body and mind.”

Andrea also co-authored two e-books entitled Label Lessons: Your Guide To A Healthy Shopping Cart, and Label Lessons: Unjunk Your Kid’s Lunch Box.

Andrea co-hosts Naturally Savvy Radio on, a live show every Wednesday. She has appeared as a healthy living expert on TV and radio segments across North America, which have aired on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, Univision, WGN, Better TV, City TV CTV, CBC, and Global.

She was a guest on Martha Stewart and Oprah Radio, and a regular on The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick on SiriusXM. Andrea has written and been interviewed for a variety of magazines and newspapers such as Health, Shape, Newsday, Women’s Day, Men’s Fitness, The Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and online at the Huffington Post, the Examiner, Reader’s Digest,,, and The Food Network.

As a passionate, engaging and dynamic performer, Andrea is sought after for speeches, panels and moderating roles leading discussions and conversations promoting healthy living in the real world.

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