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LABEL LESSONS: Your Guide to a Healthy Grocery Cart


Pages 10 & 11  Honey Nut Cheerios vs. Barbara’s Classics Hole ‘n Oats Honey Nut

1. GMOs in food:

2. Vitamin E:

3. Beta glucan:

4. Benefits of soluble fiber:

5. Benzaldehyde:

Pages 12 & 13  Country Choice Organic vs. Quaker Instant Oatmeal – Apples & Cinnamon

1. Sulfites in wine: Arch Emerg Med. 1988 Sep;5(3):186-8. Alcohol-induced bronchospasm. Rao G, et al.

2. Sulfite synonyms:

3. Soluble fiber & blood sugar:, Soluble fiber & blood sugar, study: Am J Clin Nutr. 2007 Jun;85(6):1552-6

4. Non-GMO Project Verified:

5. Cinnamon & cholesterol:

Pages 14 & 15  GoGo Squeez Apple Strawberry vs. Del Monte Peaches in Strawberry-Banana Gel Fruit Cup

1. Sucralose:

2. Artificial flavor:

3. Artificial flavor, GRAS:

4. Carmine, cancer in lab animals:

5. Reactions to carmine:

6. Plastic Free, Beth Terry

7. Obesogens & body fat: “What’s Really Making Us Fat?“;

8. Obesogens, definition:

9. BPA sources:

10. BPA in recycled toilet paper: Plastic Free, Beth Terry

Pages 16 & 17  Nesquik Chocolate No Sugar Added vs. Barleans Chocolate Silk Greens

1. Nesquik website:

2. Side effects of artificial sweeteners:

3. Combining artificial sweeteners: “Artificial Sweeteners: The Challenges of Tricking the Taste Buds

4. Soy lecithin:

5. Dairy intolerance statistics:

6. Greens:

7. Artificial sweeteners in milk:

Pages 18 & 19  Barlean’s Coconut Oil vs. Land O Lakes Fresh Buttery Taste Spread

1. Toxic vegetable oils:

2. Trans fats:;

3. Land O’ Lakes sales:

4. Genetically modified soy:

5. Lauric acid:

6. Cooking with coconut oil:

7. Metabolism:  St-Onge MP, Bourque C, Jones PJ, Ross R, & Parsons WE., (2003) “Medium- versus long-chain triglycerides for 27 days increases fat oxidation and energy expenditure without resulting in changes in body composition in overweight women”Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 27(1):95-102.

8. Cardiovascular health:

9. Immunity:

10. Thyroid balancing:,

11. Anti-inflammatory: Intahphuak S., Khonsung, P. & Panthong, A. (2010) “Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antipyretic activities of virgin coconut oil” Pharmaceutical Biology. 48(2):151-157.

12. Skin Salve:

13. Polyunsaturated fats & heart disease:

Pages 20 & 21  San-J Organic Gluten Free Tamari Soy Sauce vs. La Choy Soy Sauce

1. GMO soybeans:

2. Allergic reactions to GMO soy:

3. Hydrolyzed soy protein:

4. Caramel color:

5. Potassium sorbate, preservative:

6. Potassium sorbate in food & drinks:

7. Potassium sorbate study:

8. Tamari vs. soy sauce:  Recipe courtesy of Savvy Chef Marc Borenstein  Non-GMO Verified:

Pages 22 & 23  Tampax Regular Tampons with Applicator vs. Natracare Organic Cotton Tampons

1. Tampons blend of rayon vs. cotton:

2. Synthetic blend cheaper to produce:

3. Blend has higher capacity to absorb liquid than cotton:

4. Pesticides used on cotton crops:  “Cotton – the crop and its pesticides market,” Pesticides News No. 30, December 1995, page 11,

5. Chlorine bleach & dioxins:

6. Dioxins contaminate the environment:

7. Pulp & Paper Rule:

8. State of the art testing detects dioxins in tampons:

9. Women’s Environmental Network:

10. Interview with Dr. Tierno: ; TSS & 100% cotton:  Propensity of Tampons and Barrier Contraceptives to Amplify Staphylococcus Aureus Toxic Shock Syndrome Toxin by Tierno Jnr, Philip M and Hanna, B A, The Journal of Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 2:140-145, 1994.”

11. Chemical soup, cancer:

12.  Chemical soup, birth defects:

13. Chemical soup, skin irritation:

14. Chemical soup, Infertifertility:  NOTE: Companies are not required to list the ingredients on the packages of Feminine care products because they are considered to be a “medical device, not a food or drug product.” In order to obtain the ingredients in Tampax products, we called Proctor and Gamble directly and received them over the phone. When we asked them to email them to us, they said they were not able to. Therefore, we apologize if there is a spelling error, missing words and/or ingredients.

Page 24 & 25  Natracare Ultra Pads Regular With Wings vs. Always Infinity Regular Pads With Wings

1. Plastic:

2. Plastic pads add waste:

3. FDA labeling regulations:

4. Proctor & Gamble Customer Service: (800) 668-0150

5. Money spent on feminine hygiene products:, 2007

6. Average woman’s use of feminine hygiene products:

7. Amount of feminine hygiene products purchased: Bharadwaj, S. & Patkar, A. (2004), Menstrual Hygiene and Management in Developing  Countries: Taking Stock [online]. Available: http:/ / [29 Jul 11)

8. Amount of feminine hygiene products disposed of:

9. Length of time for decomposition:

Pages 26 & 27  Slice of Life Sugar Free Multi+ vs. One A Day VitaCraves Gummies Regular

1. Artificial dyes in body care products: “Living in Color: The Potential Dangers of Artificial Dyes

2. FD&C Blue Dye 1:

3. FD&C Red 40: “FDA Probes Link Between Food Dyes and Kids Behavior

4. FD&C Yellow 6:

5. Fractionated coconut oil:,

6. Health effects of sugar:

7. Sugar/GMOs:

8. What is Lo Han Fruit?:

Pages 28 & 29  Flintstones Complete Children’s Multivitamin Supplement vs. Yummi Bears Sugar Free Vitamin & Mineral

1. Food dyes research:

2. Effects of aspartame on children:

3. Trans fats:

4. Supplement use among American children:

5. Inulin/Chicory: “Fiber: The Next Generation

Page 30  Bonus Material: Gummi Bears Vitamin D3

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